Hey, How About It?

What do you think?

I play music, good music I like to think. At least that is the goal. Pretty much every kind and every person is good if you like it. At any rate this music is here for whatever reason. If you can figure it out I would be impressed. It seems one has to put themselves out there to get anything done so there you go.

I wish you well,



Chuck West
Interviewed by Stew Clasher
August 2014 – Free Radio Olympia

SC] Hi Chuck how are you.

CW] I’m alive and vertical so it doesn’t get any better Stew.

SC] So what do you play?

CW] Music.

SC] Oh yeah? What kind kind?

CW] Good.

SC] You suck at interviews.

CW] Yeah, cool huh?

SC] So what are you up to.

CW] About six feet but seriously Stew, we are trying to build a coalition of artistic types in Olympia with real talent designed for touring. Olympia culture has something to offer the world I figure. The time is now and we have to go, ding-ding.

SC] What do you think about Olympia venues and club owners?

CW] You are trying to get me in trouble, huh Stew? Club owners should buck up for real acts. I understand there position because talent is more or less free now. Artists just want you to press there ‘like’ button as of late. Problem is when they give themselves away like that it diminishes it for for all of us like the pros who make a living from this stuff. Open mics are the worst. I mean they are great for auditions and meeting people but come on. If a person is good and has an act, have them come in on another night and flip them a few bucks. Without the music and the message, open mic is just a good idea. A lot of venues shoot themselves in the foot being cheap.

SC] So tell me how you really feel Chuck.

CW] Stew, I have to go out of town to make money. It’s just like Seattle in the 80’s. You have to babysit clubs until they figure out the earning potential. There are people out there and all they do is music business. If there is no connections with venues in Olympia the we go to Vegas, Lake Havasu, Reno or any number of real entertainment towns to pick from. Towns that recognize real talent.

SC] I wish we had more time Chuck, We wish you the best of luck in your quest.

CW] Was it something I said? Hehe, thanks Stew. We are constantly moving forward with no idea where we are going so we appreciate that.

SC] You ate up your alloted minute so it’s game over. Goodnight amicable Chuck.

CW] Goodnight Stew. Peace and eternal happiness to you.

This was followed up by some sweet death metal which ruled…

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